With hope weaved passion & a beautiful consciousness of our interconnectedness with the earth, we want to build a space and create opportunities for the simple living of the eco-warrior. 

Our story is...still being written. We hope for it to stay that way - a continuous journey that grows with community and creates goals that strive for a better planet. 

It's the small & authentic steps that count and the beautiful thing is that anyone can do these. Even with the smallest ounce of compassion & care, you will change YOUR world, then collectively we can change THE world. 

So I open our doors to you, to be a part of this story still being written. 


Let's make this planet green again! 

From your friend, Corrine Ellise.  

        M E E T
    C O R R I N E 
             E L L I S E 

            Founder of Earth & I Store


Firstly, I'll begin by saying THANK YOU. 

Thank you for your curiosity to learn more about us, what we stand for & what we do.

For curiosity is the moment that sparks action - and our actions, can change the world.

So what does "Earth & I" mean to me? Honestly, it was my spark moment. A curiosity towards a now, fast changing planet due to our adverse human consumption. When I began my eco-journey, I found it quite hard to not get psyched out by the overwhelming juxtaposition of living sustainably conscious in a world often seemingly opposite. It wasn't until I made it personal, my decisions, how I viewed community & this planet; everything I was doing made sense. From there, it became simple & important. This understanding of the power of a decision, to plant the seeds in our spheres & see as a collective, this forest of eco-warriors growing & the planet being returned its green. So we're here for that, a community of eco-warriors making decisions & steps towards a bettering planet, because a green planet is a good one. 

So join the #earthandi tribe. 

With kindness, 

From Corrine Ellise. 

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