Frequently asked questions

Looking for Shipping &/or Return policy?

Scroll, scroll, scroll to the very bottom of the page! If you have any further enquiries please contact us at earthandistore@gmail.com!

Where can I track my package?

There's nothing more exciting than seeing your purchases getting closer...and closer!!! So we've got you covered with your very own tracking number following your purchase. We're working with the Australian post which provides domestic & international tracked shipping. No need for address fee calculations, we have set flat rates! Track at, Australia Postal Corporation. https://auspost.com.au

What methods can I use to pay for my purchase?

Purchases can be made through credit card, debit card & paypal

Where are your products sourced from?

At the beginning of Earth & I, we committed to our vision. A vision of 'actively making choices towards the bettering of the planet.' This started our journey, striving to enter the world of trade with our sustainable ideals in play. We set to source ethical manufacturers whose expertise satisfied quality demands and supported our ethos. What we found empowered us & our vision, of course with a few hiccups in the road but what adventure doesnt have learning curves. After in-depth research & analysis, we found the unfortunate reality that acquiring products under the domestic manufacturing industry would result in products being priced at unattainable realistic fees which would limit the range of our customers. This brand strives to make ethical practices affordable for everybody, realistic to implement and progressive. So we set our vision abroad! After due diligence and passion, our team selected specific manufacturers who we trust in maintaining the sustainable quality of products and working practices. Our products are designed here in Australia and are manufactured in Australia, China & India.

Is your bamboo sourced ethically?

Sure is! We've worked hard to find a manufacturer who bides by sustainable farming practices & understands the importance of adherance to this. The prodcts that contain bamboo are sourced in plantations that fit international strandards of sustainable bamboo development & are in no premise or relation of competing with areas of natural forests.

Why brush with bamboo?

Bamboo tooth brushes; the new sustainable alternative & honestly, we're a bit obsessed! Not only are they personal, but our bamboo toothbrush & carry tube set are good for 3 things; the environment, preserving oral hygiene & mobility. Our bamboo toothbrushes are sustainable! They are sourced ethically and the handles are 100% biodegrable. Bamboo is a natural, antimicrobial material, ensuring you wont have to worry about bacteria growth in the bamboo handle. Our bamboo sets come with a bamboo carry tube which allows you to comfortably carry it with you on the go and not to have to worry about unsustainable casing. We are psyched for you to experience the goodness of brushing with bamboo!