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"Living consciously and compassionately is something that I hold extremely close to my heart. Living and thriving off a plant-based/ vegan diet has allowed me to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle by not contributing to the consumption of animal products and also lowers my impact on the environment dramatically. This also branches out to living a low to zero-waste lifestyle, swapping out plastic for reusable products, composting, buying my food in bulk or loosely and just knowing that I am doing good for the beautiful planet that we live on."

- Georgia.

Olive Tree

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. we need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 

-Anne marie bonneau 

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B E C C A's 
     E C O      H O M E


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I think I've always been so enamoured by the earth around me and the wonder nature is. The warmth of the sun, watching a sunset come to life and seeing how all the hues of colour seem to transcend time, the canopy of trees housed around me literally giving me a reason to breathe. How could I not be grateful. The simple joys that make my heart smile. All this to say while I've always had a deep appreciation for the earth, I wasn't doing my part to protect it! We need to be able to sustain this home of ours!This lovely initiative by Earth&I has given me a reason to do so. Why? Because it's super practical. Switch from plastic to re-usable. You'll not only feel better because you're are actively contributing to this change but it also saves you money by living life in such a generous way! So let's commit to this! Enjoy your keep cup wherever you go, brush with bamboo as a sweet alternative and make the most of your all purpose tote bag so you don't need worry about having a heap of plastic bags lying in your room. Isn't it better to cut this culture of convenience and start living clean by creating a sustainable culture! While all this has been a journey, I'm loving learning the environmentally conscious way. And it's super comforting to know that just by doing a couple of things, we are one step closer to a sustainable tomorrow!

So let me leave you with this, when the earth has so lovingly provided for us, isn't time that we do our part to protect this beautiful home of ours?

- Written by Janani S <3 

the earth. something I definitely took for granted up until this year. it was just always there, I didn’t need to pray for it the night before & hope it would show, the seasons weave in and out like it would suppose to & if anything prayers were lifted only for hotter days so the beach could be visited. I don’t know what happened this year. something shifted in my heart and I realised the state of our home. our precious, Giving, living home that we’ve slowly but surely killing. we didn’t even notice that when we started living for more convenience with our single use items, we were impacting our environment. killing our wildlife. making our ocean a trash can. it’s so simple though, to just start changing routine. it all started with a bottle, I could see the affects that single-use plastic bottles were having and to me it was the most used item in my life — getting take out, great let’s get a bottle of water to complete that meal. I bought my first reusable bottle and it was life changing, the fact I haven’t bought a plastic bottle in nearly a year makes me so happy to know i’ve contributed to not contributing to the plastic bottles found in the earth. not only that, but the health benefits i’ve found that carrying a bottle around also makes me drink more water = better health. it’s a win win

slowly you just start substituting. first water bottle, then bags. cutlery. & you just keep going until you’ve gotten reusable items that cancel out all the single use ones. {it’s never perfect.} there’s definitely been times i’ve gotten take-away sushi, forgotten a container from home and brought back a plastic container, but you can’t be too harsh on yourself. the goal was never to be perfect, it was for change & to make a difference, anytime you swap an item & introduce another reuseable item, you do just that. bringing awareness by being an example, someone who says no to plastics & yes to the environment. 

Words from Jess.  x

Blurry Shadows


  1. Buy less, choose well. 

  2. Go paperless…ONLINE system. 

  3. Ride a bicycle. (Transport emission conscious)

  4. Grow your food. 

  5. Beezwax wraps - bye single use cling wrap. 


  7. Shop locally when you can. 

  8. Fix it, don’t replace it. 

  9. REFILL. 

  10. REUSE. 

  11. RECYCLE. 

  12. Shorter showers. 

  13. Avoid products with micro beads. (sea creatures hate that stuff). 

  14. Recycle bathroom waste e.g. finished toilet roles, shower bottles.

  15. Swap your plastic toothbrush for biodegradable bamboo. 

  16. No single use straws, thanks. 

  17. Carry reusable bottle/ keep cup wherever you go.  

  18. Get a library card to support your local sharing economy. 

  19. Donate. Don’t throw away. 

  20. Think second-hand when first purchasing something. 

  21. Turn old sheets & towels into handkerchiefs, produce bags, cloths. 

  22. Open a window to cool down home. 

  23. Try and avoid palm oil. 

  24. Buy food without packaging or minimal packaging. 

  25. Eat organically. 

  26. Minimise consumption of meat. (also, factory farms are not fun). 

  27. Instead of buying something when you're having a bad day; go for a walk, swim, meet up with friend, read, PLAY with DOGGOS. 

  28. Re-purpose stale bread. 

  29. Surround yourself with items that serve multiple purposes. 

  30. Reusable bags ya’ll, keep it personal. 

  31. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap. 

  32. Swap disposable pads/ tampons for menstrual cup, menstrual underwear. 

  33. Change light bulbs to LEDs. 

  34. Be mindful when using technology. 

  35. Try make own home products. 

  36. Check out & support your local farmer markets. 

  37. Turn off water while brushing teeth. 

  38. Put on a sweater and socks before turning on the heater. 

  39. Unplug electronics when not in use. 

  40. Backyard compost

  41. Ask for no plastic or reused packaging materials for online orders. 

  42. Pack your lunch instead of eating out everyday. 

  43. Learn to re-grow kitchen scraps. 

  44. Most sunscreen causes coral bleaching, go coral friendly coverage! 

  45. VOTE with your dollars for a sustainable future. 

  46. Take public transport when you can; or carpool! 

  47. Use both sides of the paper. 

  48. Avoid paper receipts when out! 

  49. Try to shrink the amount you recycle. Zero waste is about recycling less - not more. 

  50. Pick up litter when you're out and dispose of it properly. 

50. Go paperless for bills! 

51. Wash clothes in cold water when you can! 

52. Rainwater collection. 

53. Stop paper bank statements and pay your bills online or via mobile. 

54. Share, dont just like. If you see an interesting social media post about              women's rights or climate change, share it so folks in your network see it          too. 

55. Speak up! Ask your local and national authorities to engage in initiatives          that don't harm people or the planet. 

56. Stay informed. Follow your local news and stay in touch with the Global          goals. 

57. Offset your remaining carbon emissions! You can calculate your carbon          footprint online at https://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx.

58. Save electricity by plugging appliances into a power strip and turning              them off completely when not in use, including your computer. 

59. Air dry. Let your hair & clothes dry naturally instead of running a machine. 

60. When washing clothes, make sure the load is full. 

61. Buy minimally packaged goods. 

62. Plug air leaks in windows and doors to increase energy efficiency. 

63. Adjust your thermostat! lower in winter, higher in summer. 

64. Replace old appliances with energy efficient models and light bulbs.


66. Use cardboard matches. They don't require any petroleum, unlike plastic          gas filled lighters. 

67. Shop Smart! Plan meals, use shopping lists and avoid impulse buys! 

68. Bring your own shopping bag. Pass on the plastic bag and start carrying        your own reusable totes. 

69. Take fewer napkins. You dont need a handful of napkins to eat your take          out. 

70. Take just what you need. 

71. Shop Vintage. See what you can repurpose form second hand shops. 

72. Maintain your car. A well tuned car will emit fewer toxic fumes. 

73. Donate what you don't use. Local charities will give your gently used              clothes, books and furniture a new life. 

74. Corporate social responsibility counts! Encourage your company to work          with civil society and find ways t help local communities achieve the               goals. 

Banana Leaves

"At the end of the day, without even trying, every move you make in this world leaves an impact of some sort. So let your impacts be one that does good to the earth."


. . .

It is my prayer that one day, humanity would collectively partner with nature. That all of mankind would commit to preserving the sacred creation we are apart of. That when we step outside it wouldn’t just be to witness the magnificence that takes place but we would also contemplate what step we can practically take to sustain our planet. Our home. Each day we are invited to new mercies as the sun comes up. The gentle rains that soak the Earth to renew all life. Have you ever thought about the significance of this rhythm of life?

My hope is that we would realise that nature plays a crucial role in each of our lives. A kind of soul manifestation reminding us to treat our Earth and ourselves with kindness.


What does the Earth mean to you? 

To me it is so many things. It is precious, it is creation, it is love, it is sacred, it is healing, it is wonder, it is awe, it is joy, it is gratitude and it is all things lovely and good! It’s the green spaces I find myself drawn to and the ocean blue I wrap myself around. It is expansive and beautiful. It’s the place so many of us retreat to when we need that breath of fresh of air and  that reset for our souls. It’s no wonder, it is so easy to find rest and solitude among nature. Never has our Earth let us down in providing us space to think, to reflect, to get that afternoon run in or simply to just rest. Mother Nature is our friend, always dependable. Our Earth is kind and faithful, isn’t it time that Mother Nature too can depend on us? 


The hard truth is, if we don’t collectively intervene now and look for sustainable solutions to save our planet. There will be no new sights to see, no serene moments nor will there ever be wonder to behold. What a sad day that would be! After all, we have been entrusted to love our Earth, to tend and protect our Earth at all costs! So let’s do our best!

Earth & I store in many ways cultivated my appreciation for nature in a profound way. Forcing me to examine the choices I make when it comes to living sustainably as well as appreciate the process. Earth & I store is truly an honest business that is commited to making environmentally conscious living easier and more accessible. With their new stock of products ranging from face masks, bamboo tooth brushes, make up remover pads, keep cups and a whole lot more! Swapping plastic for re-usable, is the way to go! Let’s collectively start cancelling this culture of convenience and create a sustainable one! Let’s not just dream this reality but actually Live it! Let’s lead cleaner, healthier and more fulfilling lives! Let’s be a people of full hearts, living each and every day with intent being conscious of our every choice to make this planet a more sustainable one! It may be imperfect but that’s okay, its a start! 

So we can leave our Earth in the hands of generations to comes, confident that we played our part! 

So friend, let me ask you again. What does our Earth mean to you and what step are you prepared to take to live a more sustainable tommorow?